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featuring Haruki Murakami’s site:

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Not sure how I feel about it, but great content. http://www.harukimurakami.com/

featuring: What Does a UX Designer Actually Do?

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featuring: 5 ways to master branding strategy

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featuring: Brutalist Websites

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featuring: AIGA 2016 Design Conference site

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Event promotion inspiration and gives me thoughts on my portfolio redesign: http://designconference2016.aiga.org/#!/

featuring: 10 Top WordPress Resources

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featuring: Bashooka

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Great blog for web design: http://bashooka.com/

featuring: 20 jQuery Plugins for Scrolling Effects

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featuring: The Early Days of 25 Websites

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Fun to see some early websites: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/internet/10663451/The-early-days-of-25-websites.html